A Sapphire Star

Walking deeper into my own true will. Love, driving me, your joy being my joy.

It is in the silence, the space between that The Great Work must be done. This is that opportunity. These are the times to go within, to do what thou wilt.

There is an unfolding when the rose blooms, when the sun and white lillies beckon. It is painful but beautiful and completely necessary.

With your love driven will the universe aligns. They are here and always have been but the world has become to noisy to listen.

Flecks of gold that fall from the sky, a sapphire star to guide you. Access the emeralds in your heart for they have always been there, waiting.

LDF 93


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Alta sacerdotessa Pheonix

There is a lot that moves me, much that I keep within. A creativity overflowing that I am excited to spill over this platform.