Lord Megatron & The Royal Family

I was not always a Lord, you see. You do not become a Lord until you are master of your own dwelling. Before inhabiting these new lands, I lived with a royal family. Lord Joseph, Lady Joy, Princess Rosy and the highly esteemed Prince Brunner.

We had just recently joined the Kizer, Brunner kingdoms. I remember Lord Josephs birthday, Prince Brunner had it all planned out with Princess Rosy, it looked as if they gave him a very fairy birthday, complete with wings and fancy hats.

There were many special moments like this, but you see Prince Brunner, as most young princes do, served our country and fought for us over seas. He sacrificed so much so that we, so that I could live as I do now, free.

Sadly, we have lost our young Prince and I mourn for him greatly. Our kingdoms had to part, for a very wicked witch heard of his untimely passing and descended upon our lands taking everything she could to satisfy her own greed.

So now, we have begun again, as you do in these situations. I miss my family greatly but I remain strong and carry on for them. Exploring this new world that I am in, collecting stories and experiences that I may share when I am able to re-unite with my kin.


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Alta sacerdotessa Pheonix

There is a lot that moves me, much that I keep within. A creativity overflowing that I am excited to spill over this platform.